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Perception or reality: Are you perfect?

We like or believe that we’re perfect who can commit no crimes/no adultery. Rights and wrongs, we know the differences but what if you are to be confronted on situations where you have to reconsider your morales and values.

Adrienne Clarkson, the former governor of Canada, came to my school last wednesday to speak about the diversity in Canada culture and to promote her book: Heart matters. I remember an emotional speech she gave during the questioning session about refugees coming to Canada who has committed illegal and sometimes very questionable things in order to protect their family. She asks everyone if we would’ve done the same thing. As a result, several of the refugees have had wonderful career in Canada because of the sacrifices their family has made for them.

I wonder if people who are judging others for whatever they think its wrong has look into the situation properly. Is everything really black and white? No. Like the story the former governor said, there are some gray areas which we do not know. A friend said that perceptions is sometimes much better than reality and you can alter this perception when you meet people who has a different one from yours. But the realit will never change, you are not perfect and you’ll never be in your lifetime, that’s the truth; the reality. We like to believe we’re perfect and we pick on others even hate them for their flaws. Reality will hit sooner or later if you let go of your own perception and it will make you realized that what you’re thinking of others or something, you’re wrong or you could be.

I’m not perfect, I have flaws and I’m perfectly fine with that. I see people for who they are and love them the way they are, with flaws and all. Don’t try so hard to please what society has conditioned you to be/think but do what makes you happy, as an individual.



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