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Ted Williams: the man with the golden voice

I saw an interview just recently  of Ted Williams, a homeless with a golden voice who was discovered on YouTube this week. I’m really happy he got a second chance to get out of the street to do something with his life and the attention he received from the audience is amazing. With the nonesense we have nowadays on the media, there is someone out there who got the fame they deserve and there are actually something good happening on the news that deserve that much attention. People alone can do great things for others and there is power in numbers on the internet. I’ve been studying business for a few months now and I learned that society is changing, regular people like me  has a lot of power over the media, we have a voice that can make people like Susan Boyle and Ted Williams recognized. Now, regular people with talents can be famous too.

Inspiring stories of a man who went from nothing to everything are not what we hear about everyday because the media is full of negative things and people who crave to have their 15 minutes of fame.  People who I often question about their popularity like Chris Cocker who made a video of himself crying and telling the whole world to leave Britney alone. He’s not in the media spot light anymore but he definitely got a career going on because of that. Does he derserve it? I don’t think so. On the other hand, I give him big props for not being afraid to be himself.



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