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Happy New Year

Now that 2010 is over, 2011 is another year of adventure!

A reminiscense of the changes I’ve made in my life in 2010:

1. I switch from 100% chemical skincare product to almost 100% natural.

2. I went to see a therapist to talk about my family problems and learn how to overcome the obstacles in my life.

3. I finally quit my job at Tim Hortons after working there for almost 4 years.

4. I backpack to Asia for two months and a week.

5. I attend a cooking class in Yangshuo to learn how to make Chinese food (Yangshuo style!).

6. I attend shows like the Rocky Horrow show and the Nutcracker I never thought of going before.

7. I tried hot yoga and I love it!

8. I expand my musical taste to Jazz, electro and blues.

What 2011 will bring? Who knows. I’ve made a vision board where I put pictures of things I would like to achieve by the end of year 2011. Some of my New Year resolution I’ve made earlier last month are in my vision board, but I will show my board only at the end of this year to see if it actually works.

To end this post, I hope everyone has a wonderful day today and the rest of the year. May you be bless with lots of love, joy and money in your life!



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