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Day to day

Loving the simple things in life

Lately, I’ve been blogging about going on shows, trying new food, trying new things and just about anything that sounds like everything I do cost something. Rest assure, I don’t have such an expensive taste… Only lately. Hehe!

I do take pleasure in the simple and unexpensive things life offer to me and I would like to dedicate the last post of the year to reflect on that:

Having great conversation: I love being able to connect people through conversation and being able to enjoy the company of another being. I realized my day is even more enjoyable when I had lots of great conversations. There is something wonderful of putting my mind in the present when I talk to someone… It keeps me from daydreaming.

Getting that cup of hot chocolat or tea with my uncle: He treats me something to drink everytime he drives me to my aunt place and back home. It becomes a habit that I expect everytime I go work at my aunt place and I love it.

Cooking dinner: I really don’t do that often but everytime I start cooking, I get some kind of pleasure out of it… I feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins when my food is almost ready.

Listening to music: I can spend a whole day listening to music and I’m not kidding! My aunt told me once that I used to bump my head up and down to the music when I was a little baby… and some people even film me. lol!

Scenery outside: Sometimes, I will take a different route to go to school just to enjoy the scenery around me. It’s so calming and it helps me get rid of the stress from University.

Being/Doing things alone: I can say I’m comfortable with myself to a certain extend but I’m not there yet. I do get that sense of enjoyment of figuring out by myself if I actually enjoy the things I do in my free time such as shopping, reading a book, doing exercise or anything that can keep me busy. All the things  I do alone helps me figure out who I am as a person.

Taking pictures: Something about capturing the moment or the beauty that one cannot see with their own eyes… The fact that I have control over the camera and lead it to a certain angle to bring out the beauty of things I see. Once I got a hold of a camera, the world around me become an art.



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