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My tea obsession

I was not much of a tea fan during the beginning of the year but a friend I met in Mongolia who is a tea obsess rub it on me. I love teas and I’m obsessed with Moroccan mint tea, green tea and Chaï tea right now.

The mint tea reminds me a lot of my time in Morocco. The Moroccans were big on mint tea and each one of them put sugars on their tea depending how they like it. Some family, my friend’s family and I visited, overload their tea with sugars. After I came back, I wanted to experience the Moroccan culture all over again. I found a restaurant that serves the food as close as the ones I ate in Morocco and their mint tea was excellent! The right amount of sugar in the tea that it doesn’t hide the mint flavor, just the way I like it.

I always like Japanese teas than the Chinese ones. The ones I’ve tried in Japan have this subtle taste that I can’t explain… For some reason, I feel peaceful drinking this tea. Weird eh? lol

My godbrother’s cousin made this and let me taste it, I didn’t like it the first try but I got addicted, I think it’s the spice. I love how it tingle my throat everytime I take a slip of it. Add milk and I’m hooked on this drink!



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