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2011 New Years resolution

There is something fun about making New Years resolutions… I’m going to make them here and blog about them during the year 2011 to see if I can follow through.

Inspired and taken from the Brave New Traveler’s facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/notes/brave-new-traveler/100-new-years-resolutions-for-2011/487705141480

The * is my own resolution.


1. Learn a new language: Mandarin or… Arabic or both 🙂

2. Discover more about my heritage: Canada, Quebec and my Chinese culture: Where my parents come from.

3. Play an instrument

4. Travel to New Orleans in February

5. Watch TED.com and history channel more often

6. *Learn a new skill

7. * Make my bedroom more in my own image

Take care of myself:

1. Drink more water everyday

2. Do Yoga and meditation everyday

3. Eat big healthy breakfast everyday

4. Start putting away small percentage of my income on mutual funds and other funds.

5. Cut my hard-to-break bad habit in half

Take care of others:

1. Remember my friends and family’s birthdays

2. Give “I love you” gifts for no specific occasions

3. Listen more, speak less

4. Do foreseeable flavors before people ask

5. Say what you mean and mean what you say

Slow your speed, lenghten the ride:

1. Play more board games

2. Make your meals instead of buying them, chew longer, and eat with others

3. Take the scenic routes

4. Have more picnics

5. Show up several minutes early to everything

Detach from material things:

1. Donate some of your wardrobe

2. Volunteer some place close to home

3. Separate your material wants from your material needs- and focus on the latter



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