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I lost myself for a moment

Since finals started, I’ve been isolating myself from the world by studying at home more often. I guess it really has a negative impact on me because for the past few days, I was lost in how I interact with people. My relationship with my family isn’t great and it has impacted in how I feel when I go out in public. I lost my true self for a moment like yesterday, I was acting really immature and annoying. I wasn’t being myself. I felt embarassed just thinking about it too.

Now I’m definitely back and I’m going to work on improving myself again. I remembered I told my cousin once about knowing where you stand in this world; you take the things that are you and when someone tries to tell you who you are… You tell yourself: No, I am not all of these things you say about me. Let’s be realistic, people are going to judged you no matter what you do in life. It’s a fact. People in the real world aren’t that nice to each others but I can tell you that you can change someone opinion’s about you by being who you really are. If they still don’t like you, then so be it. It’s always better for someone to hate you for who you truly are then have them hate you for things that aren’t you.

I used to be afraid to be myself because I was afraid of becoming too intimidating. You know what? So be it. I’ll meet friends who’ll love me for who I am, not some puppet in society.

Christina is back and fully recharge!

What I’ll do from now on:

1. Going to do my last hot yoga before going to my aunt’s house today

2. Cook supper

3. Buy or rent books for my time away from home



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