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Day to day

I love vacation

Today, I went out with Marie to eat breakfast at Nickels with the Team buy ticket I bought. The ticket actually works and I saved $8 on our meals not including tips. Each of our breakfast cost $7 each tax included, it’s not cheap but reasonable.

I really love Nickels 50’s atmosphere, I always have a fascination with restaurant with interesting concepts and food that looks like it came from another planet or time.  

 After breakfast, we did a little shopping and I found a nice pair of boots from Aldo. I’m not sure if I want to keep it because it’s a bit different from my usual style but I like it because it has this nice military look.


At 2 pm, we went to hot yoga for the first time. The beginning of hot yoga wasn’t so bad but it gets harder and harder as the time goes. Everyone was sweating in the room and when everything is over, it feels so good! I sign up for the $20 special for one week, and I’m definitely going for the next two days before going to my aunt house on Thursday night.

After hot yoga, I was late to pick up my godbrother at his appartment to help him with his two suitcases. We got into the airport around 6 where he checked his luggages, and we went to eat. I wanted to eat at Casey’s because I wanted something good and I was pretty picky on what I want to eat.

At 8 pm, he has to check in and we said goodbye.

My day yesterday was great and I’m anticipating a very good holiday!

P.S: Lauryn Hill is coming to Montreal on January 23rd, 2011 at Metropolis!! I’m definitely going!!



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