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Personal thinking

I spend a lot of money on education

Lately, all my money goes into some form of education.

I’m travelling a lot lately, I spend on courses and shows. All this are some part of an education for me, it helps me appreciate the different things that life can offered. I used to just attend school and I don’t do much outside of classes. Hopefully, this year has changed for me. I’m going out a lot more and I just enjoy learning everything around me.

Gaining knowledge doesn’t need to cost money; I’ve started watching TED.com to gain more knowledge, I went to events organized by University and I read the newspaper given to me for free at the metro and bus station.

One thing for sure… I’m not stuck in a one way thinking anymore and I’m a lot happier than I was before.

But I’m broke now… I’m planning to jump back into the frugal world again, it will be easy considering my wants for things have gone down a lot lately.



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