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My main problem right now is being on time in everything from my personal life to school. I realized I need to have purposes in life to make myself more productive. I made some goals to achieve next year and it`s nothing new which are to:

1. Travel and learn more about my country Canada and my province Quebec. I’m going to Québec city this winter and Gaspésie next summer.

2. Become a better communicator + extending my vocabularies

3. Travel more and learn about other cultures,

4. Educate myself and learn to appreciate different music genres

5. Try new things and acquire new skills


A friend once told me about this site called TED: Ideas worth spreading, it`s a place where experts and successful people, around the world, talk about their ideas to an audience. The few ones I`ve seen are amazing and I`m going to use this site as much as possible to learn more about… Everything basically. There are even fashion designers who talk on this event and it`s amazing… There`s going to be one in Concordia next year in February and I`m hoping I`ll get a chance to go.

Here is one of the video I watched yesterday:




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