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Going the other way;the way I want

The future looks bright and I’m anticipating good changes along the way. I don’t believe in waiting for the New Year to make changes in my life. A quote I heard from Will Smith two years ago saying something like: “When you are waiting for something like the New Years to change, that’s just an excuse for not making the changes you should be doing today.” He’s right but I have to admit, it’s fun to anticipate a bright future by making resolutions for the New Year.

 The changes, however, have to start today, not tomorrow, not drastically but slowly.

It has been a few months already that I’ve made some changes in my life and I’m sticking to them:

1. To challenge myself in ways I never thought possible; stop being afraid and do things I really want to do.

2. Stop living the titles people believe or want me to be. I’m creating my own, thank you.

3. Being ambitious and still keep myself on the ground.

The way a person can grow is through life obstacles and what we do with the opportunities that were giving to us. I used to live by the titles that people made of me with the “innocent”, the “stupid”, the “annoying”, “the person who won’t contribute much” or whatever they give me. I believed what they told me because my parents kept telling me what kind of person others think I am throughout my life. Call it ridiculous but if you’ve been condition into thinking a certain way, it stucks on you for a long time. Recently, I’ve been getting out of the titles slowly and I’ve been creating my own. I am not be afraid to look at a person straight in the eyes and tell them indirectly: “This is me, don’t try to tell me what I should be.”

From now on, I’m going to be ambitious about everything and I have to learn to make myself marketable for future jobs. Most importantely, I have to stop comparing my life with others. My goals are different than many people I know… Must remember that!

I have reserve some surprises for my future posts… 😉



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