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People from the past

Looking through people Facebook whom I’ve heard or seen them back in Elementary, High School and Cegep, I notice how much things are different now. Everytime, I see their face (Yes just the face), a glimpse of my past about them resurface again… Many of them are hurtful. Does it stop me from doing anything? A little bit. Until I tell myself, things are different now. The funny thing is, none of them actually know what I do in my life or who I am. I know nothing about them either. They just judge how I am in school and I kinda do too.  Somehow, what they show themselves to be, end up being who they are on Facebook… Is it really them or probably a glimpse of them. Who knows?

This year, I decide… Fuck that. I’m going to be me. Some people who put a label on me and my whole life can screw themselves over, and if they refuse to be wrong, they can screw themselves twice over. I love my life right now. Free to be who I am without worrying about anything. Being me does not mean being reckless, I have morals and values. I know what are the rights and wrongs.

Looking at the year 2010 coming to an end soon, 2011 will be a whole new stage for me. This particular chapter of my life will remain a secret until the first day of 2011 comes up. Here’s a clue, I’m already at this stage… Only at the beginning. So look out!

Hey people from the past, it’s me. Yes, I’m still that girl back then you saw but she’s opening up. Take it or leave it, I’m staying. 🙂



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