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You can learn a lot about yourself… Online!

Everytimes, I search for something say what makes a person independent… I get interesting results. I learn something new.

It`s funny but I’m always searching on google to learn about myself. With the vast information on the internet, the discussion forums and blogs, I’ve become the person I am. The internet seems like part of the places where I found most of the answers I`m looking for. People are more honest online than in real life, and many things they said, I would not heard it coming from an average person I see everyday.

The internet has been my answers for 9 years already. Now, I find more answers through my inner self, my conversations with strangers,friends, school, travelling, my involvements in my community and music.

Interesting huh? I was called a no life and a loser 8 years ago for going on discussion forums and blogs but now, it’s one of the most used tools in the world. People looking for their 15 minutes of fame or simply trying to be known through this form of media and used this as a tool to express themselves. I’m glad I was ahead of the trend… just for a little while 😉



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