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Personal thinking

Who I am

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my likes/dislikes, my ambition, my values… everything that makes me who I am so I can be proud of.  

Am I confused? Not so much than I was before, I’m getting my act together much more easily now. I realize I may not have all the great qualities I wish to have and I have to accept my bad ones as part of me. I’m not perfect, I never was, and I will never  be. It’s alright because I can work with what I have and bring the good qualities forward so my bad ones don’t seem bad. 😛

Ever since I came back from my two months and a week long trip, I feel something different in me. I couldn’t explain why until Fran talked about this feeling on a youtube video on her two months trip in the US. This video explains exactly how I feel about my life now after my long trip this summer. This old me that has been lingering behind while I travel this summer, I don’t associate with her very much now, I’ve changed… For the better. Strangely, some of the clothes I used to wear don’t even fit me right. It’s kinda scary.

Here’s the video:

If it doesn’t work, here’s the link:

Fran\’s video



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