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Personal thinking

None of my business

A few days ago, someone close to me was having a problem and I got really mad. I was so mad to the point that I pm her on Facebook to tell her how angry I am at him/her for making themselves look like a victim… Again and again and again.

It’s none of my business, I know but I care. I don’t try to intervene because I think he/she is strong enought to overcome it but she/he is making it worst by isolating themselves from people trying to help him/her. Should I do something? I do my best to listen to him/her but she/he wouldn’t tell me more about… Certainly, that person thinks that this problem shouldn’t be brought to attention to the public. *sight* It’s none of my business… Yeah. Only if she/he wasn’t so stubborn.

Sometimes, I got a feeling that 90% of the time he/she is taking all the wrong advices and leaves out the good advices. *sigh* What to do? People say: It’s none of your business.  I have so much going on my head that I am not going to bring that here.



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