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100% natural? Maybe not…

These days, I’m buying…

– Natural tea tree oil shampoo

– Natural LUSH soap bar

– Natural cleanser, toner and moisturizer

– Natural body moisturizer

Am I going all natural? Maybe… I use less chemical on my skin = less worry about what things I’m putting on my skin.

Lately, I’ve been buying Fig and leaves soap bar from LUSH to shower everyday. Okay, it’s not pretty and it’s quite expensive ($6-$10/ bar soap) but I love it. This soap has this nice scent to it, it exfoliate my skin a little and it’s natural. The sales people said the Fig and leaves lasts a pretty long time and I don’t agree, it’s natural, it uses up a faster than the commercial soap because it does not contain chemicals. Overall, this product leaves my skin feeling very soft and it gave me this nice glow on my skin. I can’t wait to make my own this winter… 🙂

As much as I am interested in the raw food lifestyle, I won’t adapt myself . I will probably try putting 10% – 30% of raw food on my eating habit in the future, I’ll see how it goes.

I am not yet 100 percent natural from the outer and inner side, and I don’t think I’ll reach that percentage in the future because I love food so much + not all natural products are as effective as the chemical products.



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