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Mon Québec portofolio


In Autumn, Mont-Tremblant is one of the best places in Quebec to go. The surrounding covering with colorful maple trees from the mountain view is so beautiful! After seeing so much green this summer, it’s a nice welcome change. My friend and I don’t have enough time to climb to the top, we only got there half way. Neverthless, we still have a nice glimpse of the forests seen from up  there.

I forgot how it’s not easy to climb up the mountain…It’s steep and I was not dress properly for the occasion * no running shoes*. When climbing, I get tired a little bit faster now because of lack of exercises. I’ve only started running since last week… I’m going to get fit again! 😉

After climbing the mountain, we only got less than an hour left before our bus leave and we decided to just hang around at the Mont-Tramblant village. The little village also holds a charm of its own, the colors of the building with the old names blend nicely with the nature surrounding the area. It’s one of the place you don’t want to work there because it’s too beautiful.

Here is the opening of my Quebec portofolio:




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