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Cheap yet effective ways to take care of the skin

1. Drink more water.

Obvious yet not everyone will drink at least 8 glasses (2L) of water everyday. The benefit on the skin in the long term is enormous, try it for two weeks and you’ll see result. Do this for 21 days, and it becomes a habit. 😉

2. Exercise.

Feel the blood rushing through your veins, the sweat covering your face and body, then take a shower. The feeling afterward is incredible and so is your skin, you’ll see a glow. A plus is, it will get you to drink more water.

3. Eat healthy.

A better health in your body will reflect on your skin.

4. Clay mask

Get some at a health store or organic shop, make sure it’s 100% dried sunflowers and do a mask one a week. It will help take out all the impurities on your skin and for a box of these is cheap, $6.99. The box lasts quite a long time too.

5. Exfoliate

Buy a pot of exfoliant and do this once a week. It will take out the dead layer of skin on the surface and your new layer of skin will breath a little better, thus your pores won’t be clog as easily.



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