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Shifting the blame to others

If I was to blame my parents for my upbringing and my lack of oral communications skill, life would be easy living in total denial for just a few moments. Reality will hit me sooner or later if I don’t change and I will be known as the impossible person to be around and work with.

I was that kind of person probably less than a year ago until I decide that I want to come back to reality; nobody is perfect neither am I.

It’s easy to blame others but not easy to look into ourselves and our mistakes. We tend to paint an ideal world of ourselves at how and what people should act and be accordingly to our morals and principles, thus our view of society. Then, we become a hypocrite because we can’t follow what we think is ideal in life. Sometimes, it ends up that we believe in this ideal world so much that we started believing in our lies. When something in our ideal life goes wrong, instead of taking the blame on ourselves, we shift the blame to someone else. Reason is because it is much easier to look at others mistake than our own.

We find these people everywhere even in ourselves.

I spend 20 years of my life denying responsibilities for anything that was my fault or I refused to look more into what I’ve done wrong on my part. When I turn 21 years this, I realized I have to grow up and being responsible for what I’ll do in my life. Mean that I’ll bear all the consequences in my words and actions. Now, I find it hard to bear to see people around me pointing fingers at each others and blaming others. Maybe they will realize sooner or later that it won’t solve anything.

Now, will I blame my parents for my upbringing and my lack of communication skills? I have thousand reasons to blame them but I know better now. Because I have the chance now to turn things around, I will do things differently and take chances in my life.

P.S: Another of my creation. I saw somebody wearing something very similair to this.



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