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The art of conversation

One of the particular thing that intrigue me about people I see everyday is how easy some can carry a conversation with a stranger. What amazed me more is how easily they make others feel at ease in their presence. What is the secret? Being comfortable with ourselves (the way you talk and your body language will show) and make others feel the same as well. How? Don’t judge. Give a genuine smile to reassure them they won’t be judge by genuinely listen to them. Everybody wants to be at ease when they have a conversation with someone even myself. Those are the common traits I’ve found on people who know the art of the conversation.

Sometimes, other people expect us to make them feel at ease by making the first move which I now find completely ridiculous. On my part, I am not very good at carrying a conversation with everybody especially those I’m not familiarized with. I am learning and building up the courage to not feel threaten by a person appearance by talking to them first, some people may look snobby or just shy like myself but once we talk to them, they seem to come out of their shell a bit. This kind of reaction gives me something to feel good about. When some people refuse to talk to me or the conversation doesn’t seem to go anywhere, I told myself ” at least I’ve tried”.

I guess the biggest fear of talking to someone we don’t know is: rejection. We all believe that the other person either think they are too good to talk to us or they think “what the hell is that stranger talking to me” or simply, they don’t look like they want to talk. I found in my experience that there are those that are just dying to have someone or that person to talk to them. When initiating a conversation, the positive reaction outweight the negative reaction, just look at the happy face. 😀

Remember that practice makes perfect to master the art of conversation!

P.S: Geez… Do I sound like a success coach?! Haha…


My so called makeup routine:  

I’m not much into makeup but I love to take care of my skin. I resort to a little makeup routine to hide my marks from my breakouts a few months ago.

I have been using a blemish balm for almost six months now. The cream acts like a foundation and a lotion to heal blemishes, you can sleep with it too! It pretty much ressemble the B.B brand from Korea but this one is said to be the original. The product is called: Dr. Med. Christina Schrammek blemish balm. It’s pretty expensive for a small bottle like that ($65) but it can last a long time if you don’t go crazy over it. The thought of putting this beneficial cream on my face and not actually putting makeup on sounds great.

Some people who see the state of my skin back then compliment on how my skin looks great now and how I manage to get it. The secret is here. My skin has healed a lot over the past few months but I still have redness in some areas of the face.

Also, to gain a better coverage, I used Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer. This gives a double coverage on my red skin. It only cost $9 and it last a long time.



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