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Day to day

Hello! I’m still me :)

Since I came back from my trip, I’m still the same girl I was back then. The only difference is that I’ve matured like everybody around me. I’m just your average down to earth girl who has made one of her dream come true this year. That’s all…


Last week, I bought a laptop for school. It’s an hp brand that I got it for sale for $500 + insurance + printer + a bag for the laptop + installement (A waste of money). I spend 1k which was what I was aiming for a laptop only. Not so bad… But I hate the laptop for warming up so fast and my savings is suffering. –___________–”


Get discount on:

1. Movie

Cineplex Odeon is having a 2 for 1 for students on the month of September 2010. Anybody interested in watching a movie with a friend for the same price of one ticket, bring your student card to be eligible for the discount!

2. Bodyshop

If you are a frequent shopper at the body shop, there are specials going on.

– Buy 2 get 1 free

– Buy 3 get 2 for free.

 Time to stock up on your beauty supplies! 🙂

P.S: I just bought a Tea tree body liquid soap for my sister bacne problem. Will review the product if it works! 🙂



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