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Don’t count on first impression: Curiosity pays off

I came across the singer M.I.A with her lyric “Paper Planes” at the best World music video during August of last month. I remember feeling very uncomfortable listening to the song because it was so different. She kind of peaks my interest a bit because she was probably the only “Indian” artist I saw in that channel. 

Well I stumble by her on youtube again today with her song “Sunshowers”, same reaction, I didn’t really like it because the whole concept was just so out of the world. I would’ve have maybe like it if I understand what she was rapping and singing during the whole song… it sounds like jibberish but English at the same time. 

 I decide to read about her a little bit on wikipedia, and  I soon learn she is a refugee of the Sri Lankan war. Now I get why she does all that, and I am starting to respect her. I listen to “Sun showers” again and I started paying more attention to lyric, the song is starting to grew on me. I get that the song “sun showers” is about the then prime minister Tony Blair and the media corruption.

 I’m quite interested in learning more about her through her songs.  Maybe she will be another one of my favourite artists.



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