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Opening a new chapter in my life

Last Tuesday, it was my first day of University. I haven’t had much trouble finding my classrooms and I met a new friend that were in two out of my four classes. This semester, I don’t have alot of breaks in between my classes and the longest one I have is 30 minutes. For buying textbooks, I still haven’t bought all yet because I’m thinking of buying cheaper either online or through a friend or any other options offered to me. 

University is going to be a new life for me and I’ll actually be studying in Montreal and not on the South Shore anymore. Because I’m used to big spaces and less crowd people, I feel like a country girl moving to the big city. What I love about the city is the vibrant lifestyle and the diversity of people. It has this international feel to it and I love it.

This new chapter of my life will be dedicated fully to my personal growth as an individual and to my contribution in the world. It’s also a chance for me to change myself for the better. I know that obstacles will be ahead of me in the future and people will be trying to put me down for whatever the reasons are.

One of the things I’ll be expecting is some dramas. I’ll meet people who will talk bad about others. It’s one way to talk about others and what they did but it’s another if you start hating on that person. I meet some people like that on my trip and even in University, it’s really annoying. What’s really funny is when they were proven wrong, the hater tries so hard to hold on their opinion of that person that they look like a fool in end. Admit defeat, it’s okay. Learn to forgive and love.

I want to wish my little sister happy birthday! She’s officially thirTEEN today! Let’s hope she won’t turn into a drama queen like most girls her age.  Hihi


I was looking around youtube.com for Rihanna new music and I stumble upon Will Smith’s 9 years old daughter Willow first single “Whip my hair”. All I can say is WOW… At first, it looked like any other musics out there until she starts singing and I was blown away. She sounds a lot older than her age. I check out an interview of her with Ryan Seacrest, she’s really down to earth and her vocabulary is better than most people her age… I’m not even sure if I am seeing a 9 years old in that interview because she’s so mature for her age. I can’t wait to see how the music video will be like.

Another thing I would like to add, Men in Black 3 will be in theater in 2012! Time to rewatch the first 2 movies again! 🙂



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