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Food from all over the world: Japan

One of my favorite thing about traveling is trying out new food. Out of the three countries I’ve visited this year, the food I like best is Japan. The selection of food in Japan is overwhelming and I feel like heaven eating there. It’s fascinating how Japanese can make a simple dish looks aesthetically pleasant and tasty without using a lot of ingredients. Because there is so much variety to choose from it’s easy to be very picky about what I want to eat and I want to try everything.

The common food I’ve seen on their dishes are fishes, udon and soba. The rice like the rest of Asia is a staple in many Japanese dishes.

Here are a couple of goodies from Japan:

– Bowl of rice with different raw fishes

– Bento: Eel with rice

– Spaghetti with egg york on top

– Soba noodle with mountain vegetables

– A variety of pickles with rice

– Udon with vegetable tempuras

– Okonomiyaki (Osaka version) is the equivalent of America junk food

– At the festival, street food.

I find it interesting how Japanese has their own version of junk food, as seen from the two last pictures above, and it’s much healthier than our food in North America.



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