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1. Life at the motel

About a week after I came back from my trip, my aunt convinced me to work at her motel in Saint-Jerome for the rest of the summer to gain somes experiences. I thought why not, I’m going to get paid on a weekly basis during the month of August and I’ll gain some experiences that may be useful if I’m looking for another part-time job.

 This is so far my fourth week working at the motel and it is quite an easy job to do. I get to know some interesting customers who come here often. One of the most frequent customer I see almost everyday is the prostitute with the guy in charge “the boyfriend” of her clients occupying the room at the back where they would rent the room for a day or two where clients will come to their appointement her. It is the third day they’ve been staying in the same room, it seems like the business is going well. I guess selling her body is one way to make quick cash if there is many out there who are looking for easy sex. I often wonder how the girl will call the guy in charge her “boyfriend” while she sleeps with other men or how that “boyfriend” manages to convince her to do that.  Another one is a guy from California who often comes here at random days just asking for a room. From what he told me, the couple of days coming are going to be difficult. It makes me wonder what his life story is…

Living with my aunt is like paradise compared to my family back in Montreal, I can have some decent conversations about anything without us being mad just because we did not agree on something. I believe that everything would’ve have worked it out if my parents take the time to listen and they should understand that it is okay if not everyone has the same opinion as you.

Staying at the motel/house almost everyday on the other hand is driving me nuts, it is not a place I want to own because it is quite tiring. Some people would check in at 4 am in the morning or call all night to contact someone in one of the rooms.

 2. Edison goes back to school

My little six years old cousin is starting his first grade yesterday. At 3:20 pm, his bus was about to arrive in front of the motel and I was waiting at the bus stop to see him get off the bus so I could take pictures of him. It’s funny how he reminds me of a little man sometimes especially the way he talks, acts and walks are all quite different from what we expect of kids.



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