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After some hiatus… I’m back!

Here I am again blogging… Hopefully, this blog will be a keeper!

University starts in a month and here I am again doing nothing but staring on the computer screen all day daydreaming about the things I could or should do… Maybe I should take a class or something or… go watch a movie in theater… I have two books I told myself it’s the “must” read after I come back from my backpacking trip and they are in my room collecting dust while I am writing this.

Wait… I didn’t mention about my backpacking trip here. I’ve been away for too long! This trip lasted for two months and a week exactly and it was the longest I’ve done in my life. I went to Japan for about one month (Just traveling around), China for three weeks (Same principle) and Mongolia for two weeks. Each of the places I went has their own charm and I love them all equally. Of course if you ask me which country has the most yummy food; Japan  no doubt… I love Chinese food but Japan simplicity in the way they display the food and the subtly flavor of each plate win me over instantly! Mongolian… Ulaanbaatar city has great food, and many of the foreigners stop by this city to take their train to Moscow, Russia or as a starting point to visit other places in Mongolia but the country side, most of the food except the meat is rather plain. If you look  at the history, many of their food are basic and they are only a mean of surviving not as an enjoyment or whatever we food lovers associate with it.

Who was I traveling with? Many strangers and many of them are wonderful. People back home keep asking me if I was traveling alone in each country and I reply all three yes. Do I call myself brave? Maybe. I think I had it easy traveling around in Japan and China alone but Mongolia, the chance of traveling alone was slim for me. For reasons like it is expensive not to mention dangerous to travel alone in the country side. I was with a group and I felt I wanted to have a real experience with this country. Then again, I caused quite a stir there and I was known as the drama queen? I probably am but I just thank god it was temporary… I probably missed home and when I called Eric (My dear savior) I was back to being myself again.

This long two months and a week trip has been an eye opener to me. I am a terrible map reader and probably disorganized… Lack in confidence in my abilities and myself… Three things i should be looking forward to improve before my next destination next year (Crossed finger that it will happen) and I hope the next place I’d be heading is either London or somewhere France to work for the whole summer. Let see what happens.

To end this post and certainly not my last in this blog, I hope to be able to achieve my personal summer goals before starting University which is:

1. Redecorate my room (Make it more international feel and filled with pictures of my trip)

2. Hang out with friends

3. Exercise (Which should be in everyone list haha!)

4. Improve my cooking and baking skill (Make more raw food!)

5. Improve myself. (Will talk more about this later)



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