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Developping pictures on the net

I went to Snapfish.com to develop my pictures from my past three trips and it came down to 356 pictures! Damn… I didn’t know I had that much. I spent about $54 dollars shipping included and many of the pictures came out pretty good. The pictures came out in a 4 x 5.3 size instead of the usual 4 x 6 size because I accidently put auto-correct (something like that). One picture in particular came out looking striking :

I remember seeing those flowers and telling myself when I took this picture that it will never has the same wow effect on me as I first seen it. Well… It did when I first saw it out of my batch of pictures from snapfish.

About snapfish:

It’s an online site based around the world, the pictures quality is pretty good but the material they used to produce them is  thin. A pictures is $0.15 each to develop and they also sell batch of 250 pictures for $30 (Which I bought). The shipping fees are around $1.99 to $4.99 and it took me less than a week to receive them. Overall, the service is excellent and the quality of the pictures? I’d give it a 4/5. For first time customer, they let you develop 20 pictures for free! By the way, they also sell other products online in which you can put your favourite pictures in. It’s worth a look especially if you don’t have the time to develop them in a store and wait an hour or so for them to be done.

P.S: I said I wouldn’t buy anything online for awhile and I did. I stopped for one month and only started recently ordering my pictures online ( Something I should’ve done two years ago –> Morocco and less than a year ago –> China and Alaska). I also ordered two Honey, I shrunk the pores pot again because I’m almost done with my first one and it is much much cheaper to order more than one because the shipping rate is only $10!). I also bought something from Fran again, the Neem Man Neem Leaf Extract : http://www.highonhealth.org/products-page/fun-stuff/neem-leaf-extract—125ml/

I see it alot as a travel related stuff (it has multi-purpose uses) and I trust Fran on her review. All the products I’ve bought from her have done wonder on my skin so far.

Cooking: I made some goodies since my last cake post and no, they are not all raw foods. It feels great eating good and healthy food for a change… I only eat out probably less than five times since my last post and I love eating at home! I don’t really care if I spend about $10 each grocery trip because with this amount of money, I can eat all my 3 meals at home. This is what I called being frugal! 😉



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