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An update on my skin

There have been ups and downs on my skin for the past month and a half but lately, the scars have fade more and more. Many of my red spots are reduced by more than 50%!! Great isn’t it? I’m not breaking out as much as I used to but I still get a few from times to times.

What I’ve been using as skincare:


  • Hemp hemp hooray cleanser… It doesn’t feel tight on my skin like Cetaphil and I feel happy using it! By the way, it contains 100% natural ingredient!!
  • Spectro AcneCare… I’m going to try to use Manuka Honey to treat my spot treatment instead of this. At the moment, I’m just waiting for it to arrive. Will try to go as natural as possible with my skincare.
  • Bee Yummy skinfood moisturizer… Nourish the skin very well I must say! After applying this, my skin looks a lot cleaner! 100% organic!


  • The same cleanser as the morning one
  • The same spot treatment
  • This is an exfoliant for blackheads and whiteheads. It is pretty good in soften my overall skin when I first apply it and it takes out a lot of the gunk out of my skin. But! It is only my second day of using it so I don’t know yet. After tonight, I’ll stop applying tomorrow to see how it goes on my skin. I don’t want to be depend on this product because it is a chemical.
  • The same moisturizer.

The result of this daily skincare is great! My skin is slowly recovering from my horrible breakout.

Here what I do once a week to really clean my skin from the toxins on my skin:

  •  Yellow French clay mask mix with organic cucumber juice… Excellent at getting all the toxins in my skin out and reducing my acne scars.. I only use it once a week because it is quite drying to the skin.
  •  Baking soda to exfoliated my skin… Yes yes! I only use it twice per week and it helps on reducing my scars. I try not to exfoliate on my active pimples but it has work wonder on my overall appearance. Though, I feel like a ghost a bit about using it.
  •  Bee Yummy honey mask… Excellent at nourishing my skin and I only use it when I feel like treating myself.


What I’ve been eating lately:

  • Rice drink, I stopped drinking dairy and it has done wonder on my skin. I guess I’m going for that drink and the taste is not bad at all. It is pretty good actually! I’m still getting my calcium and I’m happy ^_^!
  • One apple a day keeps the doctor away! LOL! I love apple already so it is always a pleasure to eat one a day.
  • Raw Cacao beans. I can take the bitter taste now lol!
  • I soak the almond nuts the night before eating them. It is much easier for the stomach to digest them! I eat a couple a day and it is super yummy!
  • I still eat the goji berries but it is pretty expensive to eat them everyday. I just buy them as a treat.
  • I also eat more green vegetables more and more.

What I’ve been also taking lately:

  • Healthy skin powder (1/3) mix with apple juice once a day. It gives me all the nutrients that I’ve been missing.
  • Perfect skin pills twice a day. Also give me all the nutrient I need.
  • Different from this but I take one each day on my meal.
  •  Omega 3 supplements…I don’t take this everyday because I’m a bit lazy xD. It is very healthy for the skin and it gives us the good fats that I am missing in my body.
  •  Green tea every morning .

My skin has improved but it takes time. For a week, it has made a big improvement already and I can’t wait for the next week to come to see how my skin is doing!



6 thoughts on “An update on my skin

  1. Hi, Tina. I noticed that in one of your entries, you wrote about trying the Hemp Hemp Hooray Lush Lime cream cleanser and the Bee Yummy skin food. I was wondering if you’re still using those right now and how it’s working out for your skin.

    I ordered the Hemp Hemp Hooray (HHH) cleanser and HHH skin soothe a week ago. I used them for only 5 days and my skin just took a nasty turn. I developed so much acne and it’s not going away yet! 😦 I’m so sad and I don’t know if it’s just because I’m near my menstruation cycle or because they didn’t work for me.

    So now I’m wondering if I should try the Bee Yummy skin food. Can you tell me your experience with it and how long your purging phase lasted?

    Posted by Kim | December 14, 2010, 2:29 AM
  2. Hi Kim,

    I’m still using the HHH cleanser. It helps lighten up my face and soften it but it doesn’t really help the acnes. I still get break outs around my menstruation cycle. Is it your first time using something natural on your face? Maybe your skin is not used to natural product yet and it’s in the plugging period.

    Can you tell me what you are using at the moment? What type of skin do you have?

    As for the Bee Yummy skin food cream, I tried it and it was pretty good. The purging phase last me quite awhile… About two to three weeks.

    Maybe you can try LUSH product? I am currently using two products from that company and they are really good. The moisturizer I’m using has the same effect as the Bee Yummy food that I was using a few months ago.

    Posted by Tina | December 14, 2010, 3:29 AM
  3. I have pretty dehydrated skin so my skin compensates by producing more oil which causes acne. I’m also pretty sure my hormones are crazy because I just got off the birth control pill (I initially took them to relieve acne).

    I started cleansing my face with Manuka honey and moisturizing with pure organic Hemp seed oil. I did that for about a week and my skin was looking better. But then the HHH products I ordered arrived so I started using that. After 5 days of HHH, I broke out all over my face. I have a feeling my skin doesn’t like the essential oils? I dunno… Now I’m back to honey and hemp oil.

    I really want to find a good commercial moisturizer because hemp seed oil needs to be refrigerated so I can’t take it with me on my travels.

    I googled LUSH but three different websites popped up. Are you referring to the Canadian brand here? http://www.lush.ca/shop/english?sc=1 Can you tell me if there’s a local store that sells LUSH products in Montreal?

    Posted by Kim | December 14, 2010, 11:20 AM
  4. I only took the Birth Control pills for a month and I stopped afterward. It must be the hormones that triggers the acne and it’s going to take awhile before your body regulates itself.

    You should maybe go see a dermatogolist and she/he will prescribes you with a cream. Use whatever the dermotologist gives you until your skin clears up. Then stop using the cream and start using the HHH cleanser or whatever you are using at the moment, if it works for your skin. The goal here is not to make your skin addicted to the chemical product your dermatologist gives you.

    Most of my products now are natural and my skin is looking good, I still get breakouts but not as much as I did a few months back. The ones I get are usually during my menstruation period.

    For the moisturizer, choose whichever ones suits your skin: http://www.lush.ca/shop/products/face/moisturisers/

    You can find three LUSH stores in Montreal: http://www.lush.ca/shop/find/list/locale.html

    LUSH brand is available worldwide and you can order the products online too.

    Posted by Tina | December 14, 2010, 4:27 PM
    • Thanks, Tina.

      The problem with going to a dermatologist is that it takes nearly 2 months to get an appointment. By that time, I’m sure I would have cleared up the “currently active” acne and will be back on my regular regime (whatever that is — I haven’t decided yet).

      Thanks for the recommendation. It’s nice to find a Canadian product that’s sold locally and uses natural ingredients. I’m still skeptical about trying a new moisturizer but I think I’ll check out their salt cleanser and mint mask. 🙂

      Here’s to hoping my skin will clear up soon. Keeping my fingers crossed. 😉

      Posted by Kim | December 15, 2010, 3:28 AM
  5. No problem but do make an appointemenet to see a dermatologist. During the two months you’re waiting, you can find ways to cure your acne. It takes a while to find what skincare works for you so be patient. 🙂

    Posted by Tina | December 15, 2010, 2:42 PM

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