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Bee Yummy Skinfood and others

I ordered Samples of the Bee Yummy skin food that Fran has been using.

Here is the review:


This Monday, I received the sample and I’ve been putting some on my skin day and night after using my cleanser (Cetaphil). My skin is getting a bit better but I think I am in the purging period…  My skin is getting a bit wacky at the moment but it is expected from the cream! I expect the purging period to last up to 2 weeks (Finger crossed)… My sample can last about two weeks (I think) so if there is result, I’m ordering the 2 oz version.

I stopped using Clinique 3 steps system because it wasn’t doing my skin any good. I stopped proactive last week because it dries my skin too much and I’m returning today them. I just ordered :


and I just ordered two natural clay mask (Yellow and green ones):


All the things I bought online will be paid from my proactive money. Technically, I am not spending any extra $$ for new skin stuff. I know I should see the dermatologist but the appointment is on January 21st 2010!! I’m sticking to eating healthy and using natural products on my skin for now. Hopefully, it is working. The acnes on my foreheads have cool down and it is a lot lighter than last week. My chin developed two nasty zits. And… Yeah I’ve been snacking on healthy food too!

What I’ve been snacking lately?

Goji berries… I bought the organic ones from Tau and they are super good! Rich in antitoxin and 100% vitamin A too!!

Raw cacao beans… The most antitoxins food there is out there! The taste is bitter but I got used to that.

I’ve been using olive oil in my cooking and I’ve been drinking a lot of water… The most important thing is… SLEEP! God, I’ve been not sleeping well lately because of stress! Speaking of stress, I’ve been exercising lately to reduce my level of stress. So far so good!



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