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Yes.. I am suppose to put up the personal style part 3 but you see… I didn’t think about style anymore these days. I am too busy thinking about the nasty scars left on my chin and forehead. I should’ve done something before but I guess it is a bit too late. Well, I am treating them with whatever home remedy I have or can buy cheaply. The scars are fading so far… It is a lot less worst than say a few days ago but I have high hope it will disappear soon. Meanwhile, I resort to fondation… and yes… I wear makeup for the first time in school.


How do I look? For the time being, I can live with having powders on my face. I should learn to experience with makeup soon… I am a hopeless 20 years old who don’t know a thing about beauty but I am not really into looking gorgeous… Pretty is fine with me. Hihi…

Another thing I want to add… I’ve been gaining weight on my tummy. Blame my late night snacking and the constant eating to calm my stress. 

I will get back to you on the style part… I’ve been wearing the same darn combos for days and I don’t care as much now. Too busy saving for my trip but so many things to pay and it’s frustrating!!



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