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Personal thinking

This isn’t your look

I love expressing myself through all forms… Photography, writing, clothes, hair, drawing,etc. I may not be great or amazing at it but I enjoy it.

The way I dress is the reflection of who I am. My shyness makes people misjudge me but seriously, who are you to judge who I really am and think I’m trying to be someone else? That’s probably why I don’t like people who aren’t open enought for anything out of the ordinary and that they couldn’t predict. I have my bad days, so do you. I make mistakes, I am only human. I’m always trying new things? I see it more as positives than negatives. I spend a lot? As far as I’m concerned, I am not spending your money. I am materialistic? Look in the dictionary before calling me this. I’m superficial? I care about how I look to a certain extend but I don’t based my friends on appearance.

Maybe I am just dreaming of a perfect world where everybody accept each others for who they really are. Whatever the case is, I am not going to care anymore and I’m just going to be me. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my creative side and I wish to expand it through lots of DIY projects, mini courses I’m taking and learn new things. My jeans turn into shorts were a bit of a miss, the back pocket looks horrible.



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