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Special event

Sister’s birthday

Yesterday was my baby sister birthday and she just turned 12 on September 12th. For her birthday gift, I brought her to Laronde and bought a gold flashpass so she could enjoy as many rides as she can. It’s my first time buying a flashpass and it’s hella expensive but worth it! Our waiting time was reduced by 75% so we get to enjoy as many rides as we want. My sister favourite ride is the spash and we rode it twice! Some people who was waiting on the line for the popular rides was pissed or giving me a bitchy stares…I know how they feel but I paid $62 more. That’s my full day salary here! After spending a day with her, I realized she’s not a fan of rollercoasters and she barely screams. I told her to scream at the Goliath, she did but with her eyes close and the picture was funny so I bought it. She looks like she was crying! xD

Around seven, we went to a seafood restaurant with Eric to tried out the food. We liked it but I want my sister to try the uncook version as a change but they were charging too much at the moment. After dinner, we went for ice cream and we came home around midnight. My sister said she had a great time and I’m glad… I spend about $170 that day and thank god dad gave her $50 or my spending will exceed $200. I had no regret spending that much on her but I’m poor now. Haha…

I will post the pictures another day because my camera needs to recharge and I don’t have the charger with me at the moment.



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