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Thinking about the possibilities

Some days, I feel like staying somewhere else… Anywhere but here. My cegep days are about to come to an end in a matter of months and I feel like I need to make a decision somewhere in my life; should I study in another province other than Quebec? Maybe out of country? I feel like I need some changes in my life… Especially big ones. A friend of mine suggested me to follow her to study in Victoria, an island near Vancouver. I love the idea of going back there to study instead of visiting… I miss there especially the weather and the relax vibe. I should talk with my parents about it before I make any decisions.

One thing that I’m worried is being homesick and that happens to me before. I remembered I went to Vancouver, I suddendly lost my enthousiam for anything and my Morocco trip, I get pissed off easily. My biggest trip will come next year, I’m not sure how I’m going to take it after staying a month there. Maybe I should bring something that remind me of my Canada… Or just call from times to times.

Working abroad will be a great experience… I always wanted to work in Australia for three months. I’m planning to do it once I’m out of University… Hopefully by three years. I’ll probably be volunteering abroad if I can.



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