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Stop gossiping!

When Kenneth and another guy were talking about my brother attempt at entering the business department in Concordia… Or some sort like that and he is bad in math, my bro’s Korean friend were telling us to stop gossiping and he is right. Of course… He’s my bro’s friend so it is completely normal for him to not gossip on Wil at the BBQ party. It hits me completely how much I gossip sometimes, not that I like it. Gosh… I did improve a lot over the years but I still have a long way to go before I can stop. Anyways, I don’t hate my brother but sometimes, he pissed me off… And it runs in the family this gossip thing.


Lately, my skin is forming whiteheads all over the face. I tried opting for a healthier lifestyle and my skin has improved a lot. I still pop those friken whiteheads over and over again… Way to go… Now I have more chances of getting scars. Some just healed from my healthy eating and I pick on those that are lefts… Stupid me! I have those unavoidable acne blemish from my summer pimples that just got infected. I also have some scars that were there a few years ago… I was thinking of getting the damn scar surgery but I’ll just wait for my skin to heal… Some of my old scars have healed and disappeared naturally. I guess I’m just going to using bio-oil which work wonder for my skin. From now on, I’m not going to look myself in the mirror… Will get less tempted at popping them.



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