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Day to day

First day of school

I woke up at 8:25 am… Well I was planning on waking up at 7 am. I couldn’t sleep till 4 am because my head keeps turning.

My first class was Algebra and the teacher doesn’t make any sense. I giggle a bit because I thought it was funny that he tries too hard to entertain the class and he failed at it. I saw a couple of people from past semesters… And the guy I had a crush on sitting just behind me. He was wearing from head to toe black and he was complaining that he was hot.  Can we say duh? He was wearing a long jacket, jeans and converses while outside, it was 25 degrees. He can be irrational at times but still adorable. After class, I saw a couple of people I haven’t seen for awhile. A lot of people look like a mini version of all the people that used to come to this school and that was weird.

My second class, it was introduction to film study and I like it. Our homework for next week is to watch a movie of our choice and write a report on it, that is awesome!

Fashion in school is the same old same old. I see a lot of American Apparel outfits, Urban outfitters and the popular stores. Everybody looks good but I really want to see people sporting a hairstyle that looks good on them… I am tired to see an inspired look from Victoria Beckem or just the plain long hair style. Maybe I ask too much lol. Since it’s my last semester here, I felt like I am near the end of my days there… Can’t wait till April comes!



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