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Personal style

Finding my personal style part 1

For two years, I’ve been looking for a style where I can be comfortable in and I’ve been searching ever since. It goes like this…

First semester in College:

I tried wavy permanent hair for the hell of it. Got tired of my straight hair and always admired those chicks who have  naturally wavy hair. Well… It turns out that it was hard to manage and I look like a total mess. I started to like my straight hair more than ever lol… Not saying that I will never wave my hair again. Maybe in the future, I will buy a curler to curl my hair once in awhile whenever I feel like it. Much cheaper than getting a permanent one.


As far as style goes, I used to dress very tomboyish and sporty. My parents used to criticized the way I dress especially my dad who yells at me because the first impression I’m giving to my Hong Kong relatives was bad. Imagine a blue, white and black stripe jacket, low blue jeans and a pair of white dirty sneakers; that was my style back then. Throughout the first semester, a friend of mine gradually helps me changed the way I dress and I tried to dress nicer with whatever I have in my closet. My style was now a bit girly and still sporty. I wasn’t satisfied yet.

Second semester:

I still dress the same as I do last semester. In the middle of the semester, the same friend found a hairstyle on the net that will look good on me. I decided to take her advice because my curly hair has passed it prime already and went straight to the same hairstylist that did the permanent for me to depermed it and cut it. It turns out great and I had a clearer idea of how I want to dress like. This was the time that I decided to tried new things such as a clamdigger, skirt and shorts. I wasn’t satisfied yet.


Third semester:

After my Morocco trip, I came back home with new clothes and a new attitude. My hairstyle was a bit similair to the second semester and I dressed a bit more girly. The bags I carried to school are what I bought in Morocco and I thought investing in a Nine West bag was a smarter choice… The handle was so thin and it hurt my shoulder after 20 min of carrying the bag. I wasted a hundred dollars on the bag and I end up giving to my friend. I could sold it on ebay but the bag was so huge that shipping and handling will cost too much and who would buy it from a newbie seller? I tried but failed miserably. The way I dress the third semester was a bit Moroccan meets Western. I tried opting for boyfriend cardigan this time. I also went to my hairstylist in the middle of September and he suggested me to have bangs this time. I love the new bangs and I was expriencing with my looks with the clothes I have. I also developped an addiction for shopping and it got bad at some point. However, I was not satisfied yet.


Fourth semester:

After my China trip, I came back home with new clothes and a new hairstyle. This time, I cut my hair short with bangs. Having short hair was… Refreshing. The way I dress was China meets Western. I was also inspired by websites such as Chictopia.com, youlookfab.com, fashiontoast and many websites. I tried many ways to mix and matches my clothes so it will turns out something awesome. Unfortunatly, most of the clothes I have do not blend well with the other clothes. My jewelry choices were interesting… LOL I tried to buy them from the street in China and I got some inspired Tibetan jewelries that I still love today. I tried adding an edge to my wardrobe and I opted for pratical instead of fashion. I wasn’t satisfied yet.


Summer now and then:

I did a massive closet clean up and empty out half of it. Many people wonder why I did this and I can tell you one thing, it helps me to think a lot more clearer of what I like and didn’t like. I separated the clothes on piles with categories and I kept the ones I still like. The rest was given to a coworker of mine. I could’ve sold it… I didn’t think the clothes was anything but interesting… They look outdated to me. I will remind myself to sell them once I don’t like them anymore. That way, I will get a fraction of the money back. I did a lot of shopping ban throughout the summer and I only shop once a month. The things I bought so far were gladiator shoes, a red cardigan, two long shirts from Zara, denim leggings, black skinny jeans, blue bootcut jeans, a vest, grey shoulder bag and more. All of these things were out of my comfort zone before but I am very happy of my recent purchases. The only fashion mistake I did was buying a boho top that looks aweful on me… I learned my lesson. The only change I did to my hairstyle was the front and I streak my hair red. My style is a lot more inspired from the fashion websites and a lot more streetfashion. I want practical, simple and stylish… Will talk more about it on part 2.




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