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The word budget

Yes, I’m letting this scary word out!!! I’m just kidding… For someone like me who loves to spend spend spend on whatever she desires,this will be extremely hard. Many find it restricting, it is not. In the end, it has its benefits. The plus is we get to really spend on things we TRULY want such as paying for the next trip or something bigor anything practically.

A budget can be fun, we watch our savings grow and we can have a small amount of fun money every month so we won’t have a breakdown after two months. I used to be so obsessed about saving money that I completely forgot to have fun and I get a shopping binge ever two or three months where I spend up to $200 on one shopping trip. After College, I started breaking away from my saving habits and start spending away like water. Now all my money goes toward food, outings and clothes shopping. I tried getting back to my old ways many times before but I guess it is time to do things a little bit differently because my needs then and now are differents.

Here a breakdown of my monthly spending I’m expecting:

Bus pass: $45 (South shore)

Cell phone: $ 50

Gym: $37

Beauty: $20

Outings: $50

In my monthly expense, I can reduced some of the expenses such as my cellphone bill which I am paying $30.98 per month. The reason why I pay $50 toward is that later in the months, I won’t have to pay for a month. That way, I can save $50 for a month toward something like an emergency or more money for my outings. I’m siging up for YMCA for the next four or five months; it is quite cheap compared to the other gym. I could save more just by going to my school gym but the equipement are dirty and the hours available do not fit into mine. I barely use any lotions… I don’t put makeup at all. That’s plain laziness… I might sometimes in the future but I am fine with how I look without it. I buy lotion about every three months and I used it only at night. It saves me a lot of money so I don’t expect to spend $20 every month. Starting today, I am going to try to eat as healthy as possible by eating a lot of fruits and drinking a lot of water, exercise regularly and sleep early (around 10:30 pm) because my skin looks horrible because of my summer lifestyle.

What I will be expecting to pay for the next few months:

Sister birthday in September: $100

Haircut and streaks in October: $100

Guitar (Dunno when): $100-$300

My sister 12th birthday is coming up on the 12th of September and I’m planning to bring her to Laronde for a whole day. After, I am going to treat her for dinner. As for my hairstyle, I started streaking my hair for the first time in four years this summer and it was a nice change from my usual black color. I’m planning on keeping this color until the end of fall before going black again. As for my guitar, I don’t know when I can afford one at the moment… Will keep you guys posted about it later on.

What about my food and shopping addiction? Oh yes… The tough one and the budget breaker. My parents barely provide me anything healthy or let alone, eatable to start with. Probably I have to do the grocery at least once a week instead of eating at the cafeteria. I have to talk with my parents about it. Clothes… Did some shopping yesterady. One of the first step I am taking is that I am looking for versatility in my clothes.

The things I bought recently are… interesting. Surprisely, I tried to get out of my comfort zone and I am quite please of my purchases. While I’m not here to contradict myself on saving money and spending, I do love shopping. It is possible to compromise between my love of clothes and my love of savings, the secret is to shop wisely and rely a lot on the versatility of the item itself. What do I mean is by shopping at places other than the retailers(Thrift shops, consignments shops and so on) and wear the same article of clothing over again but differently. My next post will be a lot more informative than this one. I do not claim in any ways that I am a saver in this category, but I am saying that it is possible to look stylish and save money at the same time… Some may have the natural talent to do so and some need to acquire them through the learning process.

My little trip at the retail:

Aldo shoes on sale for $20: http://www.aldoshoes.com/ca-eng/women/shoes/casual-sport/74152277-guarneri/2

Inspired by the girl from my previous post, I need a pair of comfty shoes for school. I’m all for flats but lately, I am getting sick of wearing them practically everyday. I’m also inspired by Jessica shorts and converse combo, she just looks so damn good in it and she got the other girls and me jealous of her legs.

White shorts from Jacob Connexion for $30: http://www.style.com/slideshows/standalone/trends/resort/081305RSRT/112m.jpg

The shorts are not the same but it’s pretty similair. I can’t find the pictures of the shorts online and I am a bit too lazy to take the picture. I’m into white shorts lately because of fashiontoast blog: http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/3209/img9732b.jpg That chick got mad style!! I was looking for a jeans similair to this one but cotton is fine.

Inspired doc martens boots from H&M in white for $50: http://urban-tease.blogspot.com/2009/02/quick-look-at-doc-martens.html An awesome blog by the way.

Mine does not have the visible stitches between the shoes and the heels part. I grow fond of the shoes itself and I immediately fall in love with it when I saw them at the store. If I find different ways to wear them, you bet I’ll be buying the real thing. For now, the fakes are my new addition to my shoes collection.

High waist skirt at Smart Set for $30: http://www.smartset.ca/index.cfm?lang=en&page=toolsOverview_jul19&CFID=4906989&CFTOKEN=93113327

Click on the skirt section and the first one that appeared is the one that I bought. I’ve been looking for something similair to this to match with the grey vintage t-shirt I bought a month ago. It looks okay but not what I expected so I’m still deciding if I should return it or keep it. If I don’t find a way to make it looks nicer, I guess I’m going to return it.


The skirt is something similair to the right. The neckline of my shirt is lower than hers but I guess I can do some adjustment. I love the sequin pair with a casual shirt… Such an amazing combo. The outfit gives this relaxing vibe to it. The left one is… So 80’s meets 00’s. I can’t recall her name anywhere… I took it on Fashiontoast but too lazy to search for her name this late.

My personal style journey seems messed up at the moment but I get inspired on everything… I think my personal style with be consisted with a lot of varieties… I want to add a touch of Montreal feel to it. Will write more about it later.



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