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DIY: Turn old jeans into shorts

I have a couple of jeans that I haven’t worn for awhile and most of them are about one to four years old. Many of the jeans are flare style which I barely wear them anymore and I’m more into bootcut, staightleg and skinnies nowadays. Also, I’m in need of shorts now because it is getting really warm lately. To save money and help the environment,I’ve decided to do the DIY project. DIY stands for Do it yourself and lately, it has been a huge trend in fashion websites.

Some of the girls that inspired me to cut up my jeans are the following:

Jaquelin from Chictopia: Casual yet stylish! She turns her bootcut jeans into shorts. Omg… I want those shoes she got from payless… I think I’m going to buy one like that.

Akiriricky from Chictopia: Another stylish girl from the same site. She did a lot of DIY with her clothes and everything turns out great! Both of the girls shown here are style icons. And what she did to the back of her jeans…She add studs! Incredible isn’t it? I want to personalized my jeans too! http://www.examiner.com/x-12615-San-Jose-Budget-Fashion-Scene-Examiner~y2009m7d14-Trends-on-a-budget-DIY-studded-pocket-jeans <– This following site shows how to make your own DIY studded pocket jeans for less than $30.



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