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Life in the cruise

The Sapphire Princess dancers especially the men are tall and good looking. I don’t drool at them during my stay there but now that I’m back home  with nothing to do… My god they are hot! I didn’t bother talking to them when I get the chance to…5 reasons here. 1. Too shy. 2. I don’t believe in flirting that much. 3. It’s risky and it’s not the best way to get a long term relationship. 4. There’s a HUGE chance they are taken. 5. I am considered a teenager there. I am 20 and the legal age is 21. The fourth reason is not that good of a reason but if you considered the four others, it’s not worthy to try. Like I said before, I am NOT looking for a relationship as of now. If a  guy stumble in my life and there’s a spark between us, then I might considered it.

Living seven days in the cruise has been… Interesting. It’s like I’m living in a hotel with everything included and it’s moving. Do I make any sense here?


Cruise day: The cruise I took at Whitter, Alaska.

There’s a lot of things to do inside; theater, outdoor/indoor pool, casion, arcade, sport facility, gym facility, spa,  buffet all you eat 24/7, a lot of restaurants to choose from, bars, ice cream place, boutiques, art gallery and jacuzzis. Just think of smaller version of what we normally see and there’s nothing that wow, well for me. I thought everything would be big because cruise = luxury. Not quite so. Some of the things we have to pay.

I tried to keep myself busy instead of eating all the time by going to the gym at least twice for about 30 min to an hour, go swimming, go on shows and pretty much watch the movies they offer on TV. What I like the most in the cruise is the shows they offer every night, there’s always something to see like the Sapphire singers, dancers and orchestras, the comedians Derrick Cameron and Jeffrey (I forgot his last name). The production shows were amazingly well done and the comedians were all hilarious (the best was Derrick). 

Did I mention one of the gym trainer is… Cute? He looks so young like in his mid-20s. There a spa salon or something next to the gym and I am assuming he goes there in his free time. Something funny happened to my brother that keeps him from coming back to the gym after the first time. When Wil decides to do some muscular training, the cute trainer decides to challenge himself by timing the number of activities he can do in a few minutes out of boredom and for some strange reason, he did it in front of my brother. Imagine him working out and you see all his muscles. Quite intimitating haha… My brother decides to quit training and we left right away. I avoid staring at him because I know I will start gawking stupidly! O_O” I don’t want to make a fool out of myself.

  • The theater where the shows and the movies are.
  •  A little place to sit and relax.
  •  Outdoor swimming pool.
  • Indoor swimming pool.

There was two formal nights, the first was the champagne celebration with the captain of the boat and the second one there wasn’t anything going on.


At the formal: A pyramid of champagne… AWESOME!

The food throughout the cruise has been great. Instead of stuffing my mouth with junk food, I tried eating as healthy as possible by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables at the buffet. The pizzas there were good, my brother and sister like them a lot. At the restaurant, I tried all kind of dishes. The waiters were very friendly especially at the international dining room dressed up. At our last day there, our waiter dressed up in American colors and with the way he smile, my sister said he looks like Mr. Bean. It was funny.

I’ll be writing about the places I’ve stopped at tomorrow. Have a nice day everyone!



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