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Back to reality

Yes… Back to the normal life. I miss Alaska and I got the traveling fever again! I’m looking forward to my next trip but I’m keeping it a secret from you all until next year. *wink wink* It’s going to be BIG and my dream is about to come true! I know I might seem like I’m bragging but seriously, I love love love traveling and the people whom I’m closest know that it’s one of my passion or should I say, the love of my life. Obsessed you say? Hell ya! I’m seriously thinking of working in the tourism industry in the future.

After seven hours of flight, we finally arrived in Anchorage around3-4 pm. We were all very tired so we ate at McDonald and head back to the hotel to sleep. The second day, we visited around the city and we shop a bit.I taste the famous halibut and salmon dishes they have there at a restaurant owned by the Koreans. There’s a lot of Philipines and Koreans in Anchorage for some odd reasons. I guess there are jobs available for them especially in this particular city; about 1.5 millions tourists on the peak season and there’s about 800 000 locals living there. I might consider a summer job there, it seems fun. Haha…

IMG_1712My meal: Halibut filet, it was okay. Not a big seafood lover.


My brother meal: Saumon filet


Anchorage: We stumble by a trainer with a baby Alaskan dog. The cute puppy was tired as you can see in this picture.

IMG_1704Anchorage tour: We did a little tour around the city and the first animal I saw was the moose.

The next day, we drove to take our first tour boat near Anchorage. We stop by Fox Island to grab some chow, it was an all you can eat. After that, we went sighseeing for about an hour or two. The view was AMAZING! I get to see the landscape up close and possibly a few animals. The first one that I see on the sea was an otter eating on the rest of the fishes that the fishermen poured on the sea. That little creature is sooo cute!


Boat tour: Saw an Otter along the way.

IMG_1769 Boat tour: At the buffet, we received two or three king crab for free. The crabs were fresh and they were super good.


Boat tour: They are not sausages… They are sea lions resting on the rock. Haha…


Boat tour: The waterfall!

The day where we had to take our cruise, it was at Whitter and the boarding time was at 6pm. We drove there around 10 am and we had time to take another tour, this time is to see the glaciers. We saw a lot of otters and sea lions there. Maybe a few eagles here and there but they were very far away so I didn’t get a chance to take a really clear picture of it. The other animal I saw was the Puffins and again, they were too small and too far away for me to take the pictures.


Well that’s all for today and tomorrow, I’m going to talk more about my cruise experience and the places we stop at.



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