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Back from Alaska

 I just came back 6 hours ago and I’m still wide awaked! I got one word to describe Alaska: BEAUTIFUL. Seeing the mountains and glaciers in person is so surreal, getting to touch the ice fallen from there even more so. The animals I’ve seen often there were the bald eargle, the Puffins, the Otters and the Sea lions; no whales on site… I wasn’t lucky enought to spot one. *sigh* I would like to talk more about my trip but I’m really tired now so I’m going to talk about the few highlights there probably tomorrow if I have enought energy.


At Whitter: Looking at the glaciers… Simply breathtaking beautiful.

IMG_1708Anchorage, Alaska: Making a scared face = I false miserably… Haha


At the cruise: What I wore to the Formal event.

I just want to say that spending time with family isn’t all that bad after all. As a matter of fact, spending time with them we often get those funny moments. For example, my big brother and my little sister were having a conversation over the new Sims 2 game with the pets and the conversation went like this:

Wil: You have no job Natalie. How you going to survive in this game? Stupid.

Nat: Yeah I have a job.

Wil: I don’t see you working.

Nat: I’m not the one working, you are.

Wil: WTF?! You lazy bum!

Note: My little sister is 11 and my brother is 22. My sister created her character and my brother is her partner in the house. You see what’s so funny? LOL

Another interesting thing I would like to add here, my brother bought flowers from Vancouver for her girlfriend and when we came home, he immediately biked to her house to give her the flowers ; it was 1 am in the morning. That something he normally wouldn’t do. When it comes to buying flowers, he wanted to buy the whole premade set but I recommend that he pick the flowers by himself and he did a pretty good darn job at it. I believe everyone can be creative, it just takes some effort and inspiration.IMG_2035

Vancouver airport: Brother getting creative here. Panda holding the flowers was my brother idea… I myself never thought of that and… It is soo cute!

Well… Off to bed I go!


At Katchikan: The flowers were the only one on the bushes.



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