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Hello there~

This is the blog where I write everything and usually whatever interest me at the moment will be the topic of the day. If my day was anything close to interesting to talk about; I will write it here. My English is not that good but there’s always room for improvement by reading books and writting your thoughts out. Posting pictures won’t be so frequent but I’ll try to do it as often as I can.

So… What is up with me lately? Not much… Let me think… I went to see Russell Peters at the Bell Center in Montreal on July 24th. Matthew and I got there around 7:20 pm by foot after eating supper at Chinatown. How was it you say? It was AMAZING!! I laughed so much that it feels like I was there for 30 minutes instead of 2 hours! Of course is Russell Peters! His jokes were what you would expect of him; poking fun of other cultures and his own. The jokes were mostly about Latinos, Middle East in general, Italians, Irish, Indians and the English. He also draw a difference between women and men. Women think a lot and Men think of nothing. This is so true!! I don’t want to share any of his jokes here but he is a must see if you don’t get offended easily… Some can be racists in a good way. So yeah… The money I spent was worth it!! And I’m planning to see him next year if he has another show in September or October or November. If it’s in the summer then I can’t make it. 


What else… I spent saturday and Sunday working from 3 to 9 pm. Nothing oh so amazing happened~ Okay maybe a guy I’ve been having a big crush on lately finally decided to come on Saturday after my shift. I stayed there to eat and chat a bit. My coworker Jess came to tell me that the guy is here and I didn’t have the courage to go serve him or do anything, all I did was hid in the back and hoping he will go away soon. He probably saw me when he was about to go in his car and probably froze a bit when he saw me. Ah well~ I’m not going to deduct anything based on what just happened. Reason why I hid stupidely? I was nervous. And Seriously… What are the chances of me going out with anyone, especially with the current state of mind I have now? Especially with a guy who has a million friends and drives a Cadillac. Yes, you heard me right. Not that I care anyways but it sort of tell you a little something about him no?  Jess keeps asking: Why don’t you ask him out? Comon now. My situation is not ideal for me to date and I prefer to keep my burden to myself. After I broke up in January, I figured that I need to feel completed before going in a relationship. And him… Not my ideal boyfriend. He has a lot of things going on in his life and we do not share the same lifestyle. We might bored each other to death. I did not just know about him at my workplace, he also goes to my school and my godsister told me some things about him from her high school years. I can’t assume things about him and let what others say affect my view about him. If I get the chance to talk to him, I will try to get to know him. For the moment, I will stop thinking about him permanently… For a chica who thinks a lot and for nothing, it’s going to be HARD. Haha…

I guess that’s it for now. My trip to Alaska is officially in two days and I’m almost done packing! Can’t wait! Will take lots of pictures once I’m there.



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